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What is All In in poker? This is a familiar question for players in the poker industry. However, not everyone can clearly understand all in in poker. To answer this question, today VIPPH would like to introduce to you the article what is all in in poker? Tips to win big when playing poker online. Please follow along.

What is all in in poker?

What is all in in poker?

Almost all games have their own terms used. The same goes for poker terminology and all in is one of the terms you need to understand.

The term all in is an extremely familiar term in poker. This term is used when a player spends all the money they have on the turn they think has the highest chance of winning the bet and taking the house’s bonus. You can also understand simply that the player uses all the chips he has. To bet more than their initial bet.

This action is used when the player is confident that he will win and that he has the best cards and has the highest winnings.

Terminology in online Poker

Terminology in Online Poker

In addition to the term all in, in this game there are also a few basic terms that players need to understand such as

The term Fold – also known as fold: This is the phrase used when the player does not want to continue playing the game anymore. At this point they will make the decision to abandon their turn.

The term Call – also known as calling the bet: This is a phrase used when the player still wants to continue betting with the opponent.

The term Raise – also known as raising: This term is used when a player wants to bet more than the amount they have bet to be able to continue playing with their opponent. As well as increase the value of your bonus.

The above terms all have the common purpose of increasing the player’s capital to the highest level. If you don’t apply the above terms at the right time, even if you go all in, you won’t get much bet money.

Overview of how to play all in in Poker

Overview of how to play all in in Poker

In this game, all players have the right to go all in during their turns without worrying about other issues. However, there are two cases that you need to pay attention to

  • Case 1: The game has 2 players. When the game has 2 players, if the person who made the all-in wins, they will receive a total number of chips equivalent to the total amount they bet. And if there is any remaining money, it will be transferred to Raise earlier.
  • Case two: When there are many people participating in a game. At this point, the situation will be more complicated when there are only 2 people. Because when there are many players, the total bet amount for each person will be different.
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That’s why all in is divided into small total bets and calculated on each individual slide for each person.

Big winning Poker tips that you should know

Big Winning Poker Tips That You Should Know

Playing poker is not too difficult for everyone, however, not everyone can understand the nature of all in in poker and when to go all in to win big. That’s why VIPPH would like to share with you some tips for playing poker and winning big that you should know such as

Learn capital management

Knowing how to manage your existing capital, no matter how small, will help you a lot in this game. When you manage your capital, you will not fall into high-risk situations. Like getting caught up in your opponent’s calling and raising rounds. Considering and betting a small amount of capital in each game will help you keep the amount of money in your account always positive.

Sometimes it is necessary to recklessly issue an All in command

There is one thing that many experts apply in this game: using their recklessness to be able to win or lose.

Sometimes opportunities come to you unexpectedly. If you don’t recklessly make an all-in order, you will miss your chance to win. So it depends on your hand and how confident you are in that hand. You should make the decision to attack or counterattack to gain an advantage in this game.

In some cases, being reckless also brings extremely good results and benefits you. Be confident when you have a beautiful deck of cards and a high chance of winning. To put pressure on your opponents as well as give yourself a chance to win the bet.

Keep your mind stable

You need to have a solid and stable playing mindset. Don’t let yourself get carried away with other competitors. When you have a stable mentality, you will think more clearly, your observation and thinking will be quicker. From here you will make the best decisions for yourself.


Above is the article What is all in in poker? Tips to win big when playing poker online. Surely after reading this article, you will understand more clearly about the term all in. At the same time, I have pocketed some of the most useful playing tips. Hopefully VIPPH’s article has satisfied readers. Wish you have fun moments of entertainment.

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